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Follow 6 What are the best books on the causes of WW1 in your opinion? Last edited by ageshallnot; at Follow 7 I definitely advise you to avoid Ferguson. And to sell more books. Otoh definitely read McMeekin simply because he will provide a nice counterpoint to Germany being responsible - he blames Russia.

Follow 8 Is that a good book to read in your opinion? However the bulk of the book focuses on the years onwards. Do you know of any books which shed light on any causes from the years before ? Thanks for the books. Follow 9 Not a school library, I assume?

I believe it has essentially the same arguments regarding Russia so you should be safe there. By all means look at Albertini, but there is no concluding chapter because he died while writing the book so it is difficult to see where he puts the blame.

Fay is another good account though similarly old. Your basic problem is that the further away from an event you look, the more tenuous any connection becomes. Follow 10 My teacher has told me to look for things on nationalism to ensure that I write about events before However it makes sense that the vast majority of books start at the earliest when writing about causes of WW1. Clearing and Applications Advisor. Follow 11 Follow 12 Follow 13 You can also hire our professionals for consultancy and guidance services.

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Aqa english language a2 coursework help. A transcript of the Jonathon Ross show english like a very good idea, so you could perhaps do something similar, like talk about other chat show hosts, and analyse how they talk to different genders, or about how they try to control the conversation.

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