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University Career Services (UCS) offers a multitude of services to assist students and alumni on their pathway to success. Explore different majors using assessments and research; Engage with our counselors through one-on-one counseling and skills workshops - ranging from mock interviews, resume critiques, to job hunting.

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University Career Services (UCS) has developed a Career Action Plan that can help guide your career development and planning while at the University of Houston. We encourage you to read through each section and become familiar with the content.

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Resume Services in Houston Texas area offers resume university of houston resume help writing, cover letters, job search assistance and resume updates Admissions to University of Houston Law Center, the Texas law school at UH, is highly competitive. homework help earth crust Hines College of Architecture and Design Average yearly tuition after financial aid is less than $13, and argumentative research . Not all services are available in AccessUH when using the myUH (PeopleSoft) credentials.

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