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She re-wrote everything and put it a professional language for industry. She is a senior professional resume writer, she took her time, and she far exceeded my expectations. Just what I wanted. What do you say when just a thank you is not enough?

You write a Yelp review to recommend this resume writer to everyone! Well worth the investment. I just wanted to say how incredibly happy I am with the job that Mandy did on my resume. Absolutely superb "5 Star Job" Mandy!!! Thank you so much. My resume was tough, I know! I have so much experience across quite a few verticals. I sent my resume to a few friends that recruit Fortune companies and got the thumbs up!

She is super professional, knowledgeable, experienced and she was very helpful in explaining what was wrong with my resume, what recruiters are looking for and why she made the revisions that she made.

If they were all bad and just a few good No service is perfect friends, especially a small business. Mandy and I are not friends. I met her while working on my resume.

I found her on LinkedIn initially. My interview with her was similar to what a few others described I just saw it as her being very focused. So I understand that. They can have major impact on businesses especially small businesses. We should all be mindful of that. I hate when someone has that kind of impact on a really excellent business. Respectfully, their experience is their experience and they have the right to write a review, good or bad.

Again, thank you Mandy! Mandy reached out to me soon after I posted my review. She explained her situation as to why her work was not the best it could be and sent me a new PDF version of my resume. I explained that I had gotten someone else to view it and her reply was that I was getting scammed. She had also sent me my file via certified mail with no explanation. To be asked to remove or change my review based on that it will hurt her business is also a problem for me because I have been very respectful and honest based on my experience of this process.

I would not come on yelp to intentionally hurt someone. I was in need of a complete resume revamp, and I came upon Mandy after a day of research. From start to finish she took a personal interest in my background.

She took a very personal approach to developing my resume, and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with it. She even made free revisions for me. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking an upgraded resume. I have been to 3 interviews already and the recruiter flat out asked me if I actually wrote this myself So, I decided to apply for positions in academia and see if I can switch into teaching for a while.

Should I write about the technicalities of my job itself, or should i describe the complexities of my business operations? How do you even get ready for interviews at my age??? I want you to know that Mandy made it all possible for me. She has a system for these things! She put me at ease from the start, asked me all the right questions and totally led the conversation to where it mattered.

I just relied on her Yelp reviews. So she sent me a form to fill out and then we talked on the phone, based on what I had written. The report explained all her reasons why she wrote what she wrote, what her strategy was, plus all the guidance that I needed to get going. She made it look so desirable, I almost wanted Time to go back so that I could live this beautiful history once again. I will definitely refer my friends.

Mandy, thank you, thank you, thank you I have not been in the job market for a while so I had no idea what to expect when I hired Mandy. I can tell you that she far exceeded my expectations. She took the time to talk to me prior to writing my resume to find out exactly what I was looking for: This is not a template kind of resume, she really takes the time to get to know you and creates a unique resume that matches your skills and qualifications.

I felt it was a great value and a great investment in my future. I would highly recommend using Mandy for your personal resume. I needed help with my resume, cover letter, and establishing my presence on Linkedin. I needed a profile that would reflect both my careers; I actually need it two new resumes.

A Legal resume from my years of work in the legal field an advisory role in multiple disciplines of law and an executive resume to present my career as a Director in corporate business management. Mandy handled it like a breeze! I asked around and read reviews. I spoke to a few of the resume services.

What I liked about Mandy was her many years of experience as a recruiter and the fact that she is an expert resume writer. You know when "experience" speaks for itself. Because I am experienced in my own field. The process was easy. She did not need long phone calls, long questionnaires, or much support actually.

She asked me the right questions from the start and off she went. When I saw my resume, I was amazed at her command of the language and her concise ways of demonstrating my accomplishments in an executive resume.

I updated my Linkedin profile and emailed my resume to a few connections for a few days. Soon my profile views went up and I was getting calls from recruiters. I started going to interviews and now I am on my second rounds. She made it all happen for me. As I drive to interviews, I know she made this possible. I am writing this review, because I want the same for you. I was at a crossroads in my career and ready for a change. I had grown through different jobs, all leading to a highly technical position.

Then I found Mandy! She wrote my new resume and for the first time, I saw my own background from a third party professional perspective. Then I posted it online and the response was amazing. I started scheduling multiple interviews, not just one or two.

I will be back for sure. I definitely recommend her to my friends and family members. She is wise and a very caring individual as well. Her extensive experience and her caring personality makes her one of the best to work with in her field.

I had 6 interviews in 2 weeks and now have a job offer to negoriate. This all happened after I posted the resume that Mandy wrote for me. But results speak for themselves. If you have noticed that some of the above-mentioned reasons relate to you, you definitely have to try using our academic and creative writing services. If you are looking for the best writing services online, you are in the right place. Our company is specialized on completing different types of assignments starting with ordinary essays, term papers, and coursework up to capstone projects, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses.

Among our experienced and dedicated staff of writers, we can always find the one who can complete your assignment. That is why you will not need to look for the best writing service specializing in some particular area each time you are given a different paper as you can find everything you need on a single website.

In addition, we do not only provide papers written from scratch but also offer editing and proofreading services. That is particularly useful if, for instance, you have already completed a paper on your own and now want to make sure it looks extremely professional not only in terms of good content but also irreproachable English and required paper formatting.

So again, no need to look for another service providing editing and proofreading services solely anymore as our writers will gladly hone your draft to perfection. Just contact us, specify the details, provide requirements, choose the deadline and go about more important things in life.

Entrust our writers to take care of your work and your grade respectively! If you are puzzling who can help you with the assignment at the lowest price as you are a student and is sometimes pressed for money, you are at the right place as we offer cheap custom writings. We know how important it is for every student to make a budget carefully especially when you have not been working with the company before and are not willing to part with the money without the full assurance that you will receive high-quality work.

Therefore, we always aim to hold the prices down, so that any student can take advantage of our cheap custom writing service.

Furthermore, we often send out special offers with discounts on various occasions. Therefore, neither our loyal customers nor the new ones will be left without a discount! You have most likely reviewed lots of companies, and some of them claim to provide the cheapest custom writing. However, the low prices do not guarantee the good quality of final works. Thus, if you are wondering where to get cheap custom writing paper that goes beyond expectations, give us a chance and make your professor pleased with the papers you submit.

Our professional paper writing service is committed to making your life easier. We will cover your back as we can complete an original error-free paper on any topic for you. Do you need to impress your professor with perfectly accomplished work, ace your grades or improve your writing skills? We are here for you. Have you just realized that your essay is due tomorrow morning? There is no need to stay up all night anymore as we have 6-hours deadlines! Get some sleep, and your essay will be waiting for you when you wake up in the morning.

It is no great surprise that probably every student has at some point required substantial help with assigned papers. We know how hard it is to cope with multitasking that each student is overwhelmed with. Each day you have to carry out plenty of assignments and process a lot of information. No wonder that sooner or later you will catch yourself thinking where to get qualified college paper writing service help.

Sometimes the requirements set by professors are extremely demanding, and the deadlines are approaching faster than you thought. That is why we are working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to offer cheap college paper writing service for every student who struggles to meet these requirements.

Let us consider what are the most popular types of papers among students. More often than not, students require college writing service for the following types of papers:. Further, we will talk about some of the most frequently requested assignments.

Many students come to us with the request to help them with argumentative, narrative, persuasive and other types of essays. Actually, this is not always a matter of time allocated to carry out the essay or the approaching deadline. Quite often, students do not know how and where to start writing. Although, they know what they want to communicate in it.

That is where students usually require help — in presenting their thoughts accurately on the paper. And our writers are gladly providing them with relevant, original and error-free essays on various topics. Same with research papers. You may pick an interesting topic for your research but then figure out that you cannot find enough relevant sources to support the stance.

Another problem is that you may vice versa choose the topic that is too hackneyed and will not impress a professor. Therefore, if you feel like you need help with your research paper, entrust our writers to write them for you. The writers who work with us are real experts in choosing interesting topics as well as choosing most relevant and up-to-date sources for research papers. Thus, you may not doubt their quality.

A term paper is another type of work which is popular with our cheap paper writing service. Term papers are assigned by professors to evaluate the knowledge you have obtained during the course or term.

The grade for this type of paper will consequently affect your final grade for the course, as well as grade point average. Probably the most complicated, bulky, and time-consuming types of papers assigned in universities are dissertations and thesis. Dissertations are rather lengthy and certainly cannot be written in one night. Moreover, even a few weeks may not be enough to complete all chapters of the dissertation in the right, professional manner. Yet, the time constraint is not the only reason why students need help with their dissertations or thesis.

Choose from 4 service levels designed to meet your budget and content goals. Conversion focused, high quality copywriting service Free keyword optimization for SEO Unlimited revisions Among the lowest prices in the industry.

Complete Facebook and Twitter management Creative and insightful posts to engage customers Social media experts across niches Frequent updates to keep your customers hooked. Attractive bulk order discounts. Our needs are pretty diverse and Godot Media works with us to ensure each piece exceeds our expectations. It was perfect on the first pass — no grammatical issues and no edits required. I have seen a big boost in conversions since we updated our web pages.

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The benefits of using custom-writing services are immense for foreign students. In addition, students with part-time jobs, older students who have families and those who are going through tough. Have you ever found the best custom writing service? The answer is “Yes”, you just have. We are one click away ready to help you round-the-clock. Our professional custom writing services are always ready to assist with any academic assignment, any paper, any essay - we've got you covered.

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