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Basic conceptions; Chemical bonds and reactions; Molarity; Gases and solutions; Organic chemistry; Atoms and their masses. Here is what makes us the best in the field: Practicing teachers and tutors.

At 5homework, we hire only those, who not only know how chemistry assignments should be solved but also those, who are currently teaching students at the best schools and colleges in the country. In such a way, you can be sure that you will be provided with latest tools and instruments to master the subject; Always meeting the deadlines.

Every problem you have will be addressed in a matter of minutes not depending on the deadlines you may have. We work round-the-clock to deliver outstanding results to students from all the corners of the world; Credible sources.

We always back your assignment with scholarly books, journals and statistics, so you can always provide your homework with information your teacher can trust. Leave us your phone number. The question is incomplete without the absorbance vs. Nonetheless, enough information will be provided to help you answer the question correctly What is the dye concentration in a solution when absorbance is 0.

To solve this problem, we need to know the relationship between the absorbance at a particular wavelength and the concentration of the given dye.

The dye concentration is measured typically in Find the resultant vector mag and dir given the following information: A two-dimensional vector is a geometrical object that can be given either as a magnitude and direction, or as two components.

When the two components are given, as in this problem, the magnitude Predict how a cell would be affected if the cell membrane had to many cholesterol molecules? Cholesterol is a lipid. It is a waxy, fat-like substance that is produced by the liver and can be obtained through eating certain foods.

Compare and contrast spiders and lizards. Similarities Spiders and lizards can live anywhere on the planet. The only exception is mountaintops or an extremely cold region such as Antarctica. They mostly prefer habitats with dense Second, be sure to check the hoof itself for What is the unifying force in a beehive?

The queen bee is understood to be the most important, unifying creature in a bee hive. She is usually the only mated bee in the hive and is the mother to most, if not all, bees within the hive.

Biology is defined as either the science of life or the study of living things. There are many disciplines which fall under the umbrella of biology. To name a few, these include botany the study What are four common methods used to discover exoplanets? There are many ways that exoplanets are discovered. Pulsar timing is a process in which radio waves emitted by pulsars are timed.

Shifts in the timing indicate the presence of an exoplanet. In which state of matter does diffusion occur the fastest?? Diffusion happens in all states of matter, from solid to liquid to gas. Diffusion occurs the quickest when matter is in its gaseous state. Diffusion is, quite simply, the movement of molecules from What is the role of intestinal juice in digestion?

Intestinal juice is a part of the larger digestive system. It is an integral part of digestion and is excreted into the small and large intestines when the body detects that there is food in the How do the skeletal and circulatory system work together? Our body is made up of eleven systems that work together to help our bodies function in harmony. These systems, often called organ systems, are made up of various organs within our bodies.

Which part of the flower performs a similiar role to the testes in the male reproductive system? The part of a flower that imitates the human male reproductive system is called the stamen, and the part that imitates the testes are the microspores on the anther. The stamen has two main parts Why are cell membranes said to have selective permeability?

Selective permeability refers to the fact that membranes allow only certain substances to pass through and gain entry into the cell. Other materials are not allowed access to the cell, and they are Which particle is most important to the identity of an atom? There are three main types of particles in atoms: Protons and neutrons are collectively referred to as "nucleons" because they both reside in the nucleus of the One of the earliest atomic models was suggested by John Dalton.

Which statement best reflects his The correct answer choice is d: Dalton proposed that atoms are indivisible and indestructible What physical property of a cork allows it to float on water? Density is the physical property that allows a cork to float on water. Dickson, who was a photographer, invented optics.

Thomas Edison is again considered to be the founder of light bulbs. However, he did not invent the first light bulb, but invented the first emitting light. In addition, Edison later continued to improve this design. Karl Benz invented the first locomotive vehicle, a motor wagon, powered by an internal combustion engine in Later on, Henry Ford made some improvements and advancements in the production procedure and marketing strategy and reduced the price and created the need for a motor vehicle.

Johann Gutenberg was the inventor of the printing machine. It enhanced the pre-existing technology and designed it to be useful and become more efficient enough to become famous.

However, their language limited the popularity in Europe. But thanks to Marco Polo who presented the idea to the people of Europe. Everybody knows about the Wright Brothers and their greatest invention that changed the course of human life forever. Wright Brothers made the first successful invention in which they made a machine that could carry a man by its own power, flew into the air naturally at a stable speed and descended without causing any damage.

Science is present everywhere around us in our daily life from electrical accessories to the utilities, which we use to prepare for food. Our lives are greatly dependent on the technology and advanced equipments we use.


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