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How to Write the Purdue University Essays: Your Complete Guide

What Are Some Free Resources to Help With Writing Essays?

❶By focusing on the specifics of what interests you, you will be able to convince the reader that you are engaged in what you would like to pursue at Purdue.

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We understand that working adults approach learning differently than traditional college-aged students. You have years of experience and knowledge. You know how you want to learn and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

You also have real responsibilities and need meaningful skills that will help you get ahead. Our mission is simple. Purdue University Global delivers personalized online education tailored to the unique needs of adults who have work or life experience beyond the classroom, enabling them to develop essential academic and professional skills with the support and flexibility they need to achieve their career goals. You can also visit one of our regional locations to take advantage of local, onsite support and services.

Open College provides access to free and low-cost open, online resources that can help you translate your work or life experience into credit at Purdue Global. This individualized approach to education integrates technology and personalized support to help you maximize your experience and meet your academic and career goals affordably. Part of the respected Purdue University system, Purdue Global has the same institutional accreditation and commitment to high academic standards.

We stand by the quality of our education and believe you should have the opportunity to try our classes before you owe any tuition. This accreditation covers our academic programs, all branch campuses, and all programs provided via distance education. We work with students just like you every day who are juggling work and family responsibilities while pursuing their education. By looking at every student individually, we ensure you will never be alone on your educational journey.

Our dedicated faculty and support teams are here with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals, providing one-on-one mentoring and personalized assistance on everything from coursework to career searches. A Purdue Global education gives you both, preparing you with the skills you need to gain a competitive edge today and the tools to adapt as a leader and innovator tomorrow. We are the University for working adults within the Purdue University system and look forward to offering you, whether you live in Indiana or around the world, an innovative and practical education tailored specifically to you—your career goals, your experiences, and your pace.

No credits are earned if the student withdraws during the introductory period 3 weeks for new qualifying undergraduate students , which begins day one of the first term. Students who choose to continue their studies at Purdue Global will need to meet specific requirements.

Graduate programs not included. Additional terms may apply to international and non-U. In fact, you have probably used this website at some point in your high school career. They even suggest you seek out writing help from their Online Writing Lab. Clearly, Purdue values writing as a skill and, therefore, the admissions committee will be looking for much more than content in your essays. Below, we will outline advice for writing these specific supplemental responses, as well as general writing advice that will help you to tighten up the style and form of your writing.

While you may have a lot to say about each topic, you will be forced to be brief, as the online application will not allow you to break the word count limit. Why are you interested in joining the Honors College, and how do you believe you would contribute to this interdisciplinary learning community word count maximum? The first writing supplement question is the type of essay prompt that you will see asked in a similar fashion on many college applications.

However, Purdue opens your response up to elements in and out of the classroom. Since the second prompt asks specifically about your intended major, you should probably only quickly mention this in your essay in order to conserve your word count. Next, perform the same process with researching academic programs and activities at the university. In your response, link your high school experience in rigorous classes with your expectations of yourself as a college student. In both of the above scenarios, we chose specific examples of opportunities actually offered by Purdue University.

You should do the same. Not only will it reflect well in your essay, but it will also allow you to gain a better understanding of whether this university is the right home for you. This prompt is also fairly standard in the college application realm. The admissions committee is interested in understanding how your experiences led you to choose this particular major.

Choose a field that you could see yourself working in. If approached correctly, this essay could show that you are passionate and motivated to find a career that you will thrive in.

Now that you have more of a word count to work with, take the liberty to brainstorm a story or anecdote that connects to your desire to engage in rigorous learning. Pick one or two of these actions. At a most basic level of revision, you should:. For further impact, analyze your word choice. Have you chosen words that carefully express your ideas? In a word or less response, this is particularly important since there is not much room for explanation. Both of these sentences are 12 words in length, but the latter is much more effective in its message.

This is unlike the first example, which is boring and difficult to take seriously at an academic level. Finally, read your responses while looking for a clear progression of ideas. Do you jump from topic to topic, or do you wrap up one idea before transitioning to the next? Consider reorganizing your sentences so that similar topics are together. Sign up for the The Admissions Strategist newsletter to get the latest information on college and career success.

Made my life so much easier! How to Write the Purdue University Essays: What Are the Purdue Essay Requirements? The two standard prompts are as follows: How will opportunities at Purdue support your interests, both in and out of the classroom? Briefly discuss your reasons for pursuing the major you have selected.

For reference, the first two paragraphs of this blog post are roughly words. There is an honors prompt , which we will address toward the end of this guide: Look over the activities you have listed on your admission application. What activities, sports, clubs, etc. Are there activities that you have always wanted to try but never had the chance to? Perhaps they are offered at the university.

For example, maybe you pursued swimming or diving throughout high school because you did not have the opportunity to pursue sailing. There are many activities in college, such as sailing, archery, and rifle club, which you would not usually be exposed to as a high school student. Are there any particular research fellowships that you are interested in? Did you do research in a lab during your summer breaks that got you interested in a particular field?

For example, you might have competed in a science fair based upon your research in a biology research lab. You might be interested in pursuing similar research further with the intent of publishing, or you might be interested in pursuing something completely orthogonal. The main point here is to explain your motivations and where they are coming from.

What Are the Purdue Essay Requirements?

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