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❶Thanks for your response. If a page resume works for some of the most high-powered government and private sector individuals in the country, why does your Federal resume need to be longer?

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You need to strike a balance between applying for a good amount of positions versus giving the individual attention to each opening. For openings, 70 will be filled, 30 are left where the hiring official doesnt already have someone in mind. You wont make it past HR screening even though you have your keywords down on some, leaving you with 20 where you are qualified, but 10 of those will go to disabled veterans or another special priority.

Of the 10 you are qualified for, you may be referred to the hiring manager on 5 of them, and one or two of those hiring managers might like you enough to contact you for an interview. I say this, not to discourage you, but to encourage you not to fall in love with any specific opening. Cast a wide net, use saved searches, mark all Es now and justify later, and be disciplined about your search.

Forget about a job application the moment you press submit and with enough persistence, you may be pleasantly surprised in a month or two. The last two paragraphs of this post are golden. Have you ever applied for a professional job before? Exception to the above is if you have enough experience and contacts that your resume speaks for itself. In short, I doubt it is worth it. Do you have any friends who are contractors? If you want to really tailor to a type of job which would allow you to apply to many jobs of that type without changing your res!

This allows you to really get down into details and link your attributes to exactly what the federal body of knowledge has determined to be optimal for the position. Ask me directly if you have more questions. Contractor resumes are the same as the private sector and should be concise. Many people have a problem listing everything thinking their Fed res is now competitive.

If you are unable to do a solid job outlining your value in a at least somewhat concise manner, i question your ability to operate transparently and to streamline things as a part of the job TRUE — You need to list professionally relevant experience and remain powerful, yet concise. We have taken on clients with page resumes and decreased the length to pages with better results. If a page resume works for some of the most high-powered government and private sector individuals in the country, why does your Federal resume need to be longer?

You can see more advice here: Actually -- the more I read on this thread, the more I see people giving you poor advice. Touch base with me through the website listed in the bottom of this post. What is your career level? That may be accurate depending on the complexity and amount of positions listed on the resume. Take a look here for advice on creating a Federal resume.

Samples available on my website Here is the advice for Fed resumes: Thanks for your response. There are also very often additional Technical Qualification Factors that also require essay responses. We offer expert and certified Federal Resume Writing Services. We will be happy to help you succeed! Request Federal Resume Writing Services.

See Your Investment — Our Fees. Strongly Qualifying You We know how to read and translate Federal vacancy announcements. Simply contact us to discuss your need and requirements. See more success stories You accept the use of cookies by continuing to browse the site or closing this banner. Ok See our Cookie Policy.

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Federal Resume Writing Services, Washington DC. “ Since using the new resume Tina helped me with, I have been contacted by several companies for interviews and I have responded to a couple of them and completed the interview.

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