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❶If you got home at 3am this morning and already have the next night out planned then keep the party going by considering some of these careers

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Do you deserve a job promotion? Take the Promotion Quiz to see! Bad at job interviews? Need to assess your job skills first? Test your job interview skills with quizzes like this test, our Job Interview Test! What is your dream job? Have good job skills and want a high salary?

Job quizzes like the Job Quiz test what job is right for you! What career is for you? Wonder when to quit your job? Brush up on your job interview skills, think about salary and take the Quit Your Job Test to see if you should quit your job! What kind of job should you look for? What job skills do you need to have for a job interview?

Take job quizzes like the Job Test to find your perfect job! Make your own quiz today! For instance, I like to break down my blog posts into sections and small tasks like adding images. With a set of smaller tasks making up a big project, I can check off what I get done each day, even if it takes me many days to finish the whole project.

I get a nice little rush every time I check off a task within a blog post, even if it was just a word section. It helps me maintain momentum and keep going until the whole post is done. Another way to measure what you get done each day is to keep a "done list," a running log of everything you complete in a day.

If you start keeping a list of everything you get done in a day, you might be surprised how much more motivated you are to do work that matters and stay focused so you get even more done. Build habits to help you start working. You might have a different danger time for procrastination , but getting started seems to be a hurdle for most of us. Your routine could be something as simple as your daily commute or grabbing a coffee on the way to work. Other ways to get into a working mindset can include sitting down at your desk or workspace, turning off your phone or putting it away , exercising , stretching, or eating breakfast.

You could even have an album or playlist that gets you in the mood to work and listen to that as part of your routine. The same technique works on weekends, too. The more he let go of his routine on the weekends, the longer it took him to pick it up again during the week. Routines are a sign of people who have goals and have found the best way-- for them --to actually accomplish their goals. Track where you waste time.

The first step in becoming more productive is to identify your regular time-sucks. Start by tracking what you do every morning to get ready for work. Or like our co-founder, you could just wear jeans and a white t-shirt every day.

Track how you spend your time during the day and look for patterns. A tool like RescueTime can help. Or that what should have been a two-minute work conversation regularly turns into a minute chat session. Once you know what takes up your time or leads you to procrastinate, start making specific changes around those habits. I used to waste a lot of time in the mornings checking out my favorite sites for news or updates.

Build habits to help you stop working. This one might seem a bit strange, but it really works. Some of us struggle to stop working, rather than or as well as start working. Take it from Hemingway: If you do that every day His advice can apply to all kinds of work.

Stopping in the middle of a project can work well: Set a firm cut-off time. Sean Ogle wrote a great post about this. Most days he has a pretty extreme strict cut-off time of noon. You could make this work with an evening cut-off time to get you out of work by, say, 5 p. Ogle gets up early, so he has five to six hours of work time before his midday cut-off point.

Another way to limit your work time is to unplug your laptop power cord. Then you can only work as long as your battery lasts.

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