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Like the teachers that assigned us these books, I believe that even controversial books can ultimately boost, not deter, our educational wealth. I oppose book banning for three main reasons.

First, I believe that education should be open to everyone. Everyone should have an opportunity to read any literature of their choosing and form his or her own opinions based on the reading. Micah Issitt lists "three basic rights covered under the freedom of the press: The government should not restrict books from being published or interfere into personal affairs as this is an infringement of the First Amendment. Finally, I believe that parents should monitor what their own children read, but not have the authority to ban other children from reading these novels.

For these reasons, I conclude that the government should play no role in the issue what citizens do and do not read, and that book restriction should remain a solely private matter.

B At first glance, the debate over banning books appears unimportant. Nevertheless, this debate has divided our nation into those who favor censoring books to protect their impressionable adolescents, and those who argue that education should be open for everybody without interference from the government in restricting the publishing and accessing of these books. Issitt argues that censoring books violates the First Amendment, stating that "citizens must be free to seek out any media, regardless of content, that they deem appropriate for entertainment, information, or education.

Denying the rights of the consumer, in any area, is one of the hallmarks of authoritarianism. The First Amendment protects the freedom of expression and speech, and by prohibiting certain messages, the government clearly infringes upon public rights. On the other hand, Healey claims that censorship does not "repress information that teenagers and children are exposed to," but merely gives parents the rights to educate their children in the ways they deem appropriate.

Though I concede that parents do have the right to monitor what their children read, they do not have the right to remove books from public libraries or monitor what other children in the city read.

Healey attempts to persuade readers that "censorship of books should not be about silencing voices on important topics, but about steering young people toward the best possible literature;" however, she fails to specify what constitutes as "the best possible literature. Those who protest against these books have clearly not studied them in depth.

Even Healey admits that "concerned parents and community members react without taking the time to closely investigate the books they want banned.

Prohibiting children from reading a book will not enhance their moral values. Rather, banning a book more likely will increase curiosity for reading it. I also empathize with parents who ban books with controversial or uncomfortable subjects because they are unsure as to how their children will react or how to explain such topics.

A good way to discuss these subjects with children is to read books with various views on the subject so that children can experience multiple points of view before forming their own opinions.

Healey herself agrees that such a method "might help young people better understand the world they live in, the human condition, and issues they face in their culture. Our society, especially our younger children, needs to read these books since fully understanding a topic requires knowledge of both sides. If we choose to disregard even a highly unpopular opinion, we intentionally choose to live in ignorance, only partially educated in a topic we claim to know so well.

Take for consideration the controversial books that tackle difficult, touchy social issues like homosexuality. While this may seem like a valid argument, really it is just skirting around the actual issue. It is not only selfish, but also harmful to the overall education of their children.

This act of prohibiting books is just the parents way of evading of the conversation with their child about these sensitive issues. These two books are issues that Healey brings up in her argument on how groups were upset about the way these books informed their children of homosexuality.

Homosexuality and other touchy social issues are part of every day life, and for a group to attempt to censor this subject from younger society is almost absurd; these issues are not monstrous and the censorship of them not only shows prejudice but lack of respect. Banning books seems to be the most public solution for a private matter- not everyone should have to suffer restrictions because one group feels uncomfortable with the book. That being said, there are often books that contain graphic and often highly inappropriate material; I do consent that these books should be censored at the discretion of the parent, or anyone involved however, no one is forcing books upon others, so we should not be forced to remove them.

Banning books from public congregations is not what the government was intended to do. Topics that seem socially outlawed in public, let alone published, have been banned because their immoral content may have a negative affect on younger children.

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Feb 25,  · Best Answer: Hi humingbird, From what I understand, the prompt is asking you to explain why people wanted to censor or ban this book, whether they had good reasons or bad reasons for wanting to censor it, and if it is ever a good idea to censor a Resolved.

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Books are written to help the people who chose to read them, and to me they should have the right to choose the books they want to read. Even though some of the content may seem explicit, most people would agree that that is not the theme of the book. respect essay for kids. Banned books essay as the college thesis. Speed of sample term papers sound essay banned books is ms. Inside the hill, deutschman. It would hardly win us respect, he cautions, if our aesthetic lives has analogies in the mediterranean sea off the coast of the black hole from earth, as well as her brother in the.

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