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1. EtherPad
The Form Builder Apps You Should Try
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There are even extensions that let you tweak your form layout, to make multi-page forms or forms with multi-column layouts.

You can then customize forms deeply with CSS themes. The biggest difference from other self-hosted form apps is its design. Instead of a WordPress-style editor, Ninja Forms includes a clean, drag-and-drop design more similar to the popular hosted form apps. You can customize your form layout, too, with form fields side-by-side in multi-column designs to gather as much data as you need without making your forms too long.

For a deeper look at features and pricing, see our Ninja Forms review. See Ninja Forms integrations on Zapier. Want a simpler way to make WordPress forms? Its paid option, though, is even more interesting as you can use it to build more powerful WordPress websites.

You can build multi-page forms, let users search through lists to find the options they want, and save partially completed submissions. And, you can build a table of form results to embed on your site, complete with a search form to filter through the data.

With its add-ons, you can auto-fill location data, make multilingual forms, accept payments, create WordPress accounts, and more. For a deeper look at features and pricing, see our Formidable review. See Formidable integrations on Zapier. Self-hosted form builders are typically designed for power users, with tons of features and customization options—along with a slightly more confusing interface. WPForms is built to be as easy to use as any other form builder.

It lets you start building forms with templates, then drag-and-drop elements to customize the forms as you like. But it also comes packed with powerful features. For a deeper look at features and pricing, see our WPForms review. Instead of a form builder app like the rest of the tools in this roundup, FormKee is a form endpoint tool that lets you easily code your own form while using its backend to manage your data, send notifications, and connect to integrations.

FormKeep will do the rest, storing your records on its server where you can easily look through them. Or, you can use its webhooks or Zapier integration to send your form data to other apps automatically. For a deeper look at features and pricing, see our FormKeep review. TellForm an open source app that just be what you need—it includes a form builder and tools to analyze your data in a self-hosted web app.

Each of these form apps has its own attractive features, they all work great, and will all let you make a wide variety of forms with ease. If one of their unique features stuck out to you, give that one a try and see if it works well for your needs. For most standard forms, Google Forms includes the form features you need, for free. And since it saves your form results to a spreadsheet, you can easily sort and filter your form data without having to import it into another app.

Google Forms is the first form app you should try out—followed by Airtable Forms for similar features in a database. If you love to have your forms on your own site, without needing another app, Gravity Forms , Formidable , Ninja Forms , and WPForms are great for WordPress sites, while Formbakery is perfect for every other self-hosted site.

Want to get an SMS notification every time your form is filled out, then save that form entry to a spreadsheet? Need to tell your team in Slack about form entries, email a template document to your contact, then log all the details to your CRM? Instead of having to wait for all your form entries to come in, then downloading and importing the form data into your app from a. Here are some great ways to get started:.

Learn how to setup your first automated workflows in our Zapier Getting Started guide. Zapier can automatically add every one of your form entries to a spreadsheet, database, or other app—and it can even save results to multiple files to share data or automatically back up your form results.

These Zaps can do that for you, sending a notification as soon as your form is filled out. If you need to turn your form submissions into a nice-looking document, such as a contract or application, connect your form to WebMerge or Dropbox via Zapier. With this integration, your form results can be automatically turned into a template PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or plain text document.

Want to keep in touch with people who fill out your form, or trying to gather sales leads? These Zaps can add your contacts to CRM or address book so your sales team can act on their interest right away.

Or, you can automate that outreach, too, by connecting your form to your email newsletter list. Each new contact will automatically be added to your list so you can send one email and market to everyone at once. Sometimes you only need some of your form results—the people who replied yes to your email contact form, or the customers who actually made a purchase from your form. Or maybe you want to do something different with your form results depending on the answers—perhaps sending a different email to people using a company email address than those using a Gmail or Outlook.

Add one to your Zapier workflow, and it can watch for specific form entries and only run your Zap when you want it to run. Learn more with the Zapier guide to filters with detailed steps on filtering your form results. Those are only a few of the ways your forms can work for you, automatically. With a great form and integrations, you can collect data and use it in your business faster than ever. Then you can use your new form to do anything you want—gather contacts, sell your products, automate your workflows, or even build a full new app powered by a simple form.

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The original file will remain intact. Sign up for Google Cloud newsletters with product updates, event information, special offers and more. Go back the "File" tab once again and click it. Go down to the "Save and close" option. Your "Documents" page will appear again with the file name in the documents field.

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