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War on Iraq- Stillman

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❶Did it have a differing impact on women depending on whether they were in the union or the confederacy?

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For weeks they refused to believe that the only way to make Iraq disarm is through the threat of force and the fear of being wiped out. Iraq for the past several years has violated numerous U. Ever since the end of the Gulf War, Iraq has disregarded these policies by removing weapons inspectors, which in turn has allowed Iraq to further research weapons of mass destruction.

In the U. After the operation succeeded and inspectors were allowed back in, all seemed well and little attention was paid to Iraq. Since political powers did not deem it worthy to check on Iraq and put their main focus on Wall Street, Iraq renewed their weapons program and everyone just did not pay attention.

What did our leaders think they were making, snow cone machines? After the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, , the focus has shifted back on Iraq. Iraq has been known to help finance terrorist groups, which have anti-American feelings. Iraq can easily give these weapons to a terrorist group who will then try and use those weapons against the U. This past November the U.

Security Council voted in favor of the U. Iraq has seven days from the day the resolution was passed to comply. If Iraq refuses to agree to the resolution, then force will be used to disarm them. Hopefully Saddam is not smoking pot, and he will accept the resolution with open arms. It states proof of Hussein importing banned materials, and also declares Iraqi plans of reviving WMD programs and maintaining a dual-use industrial sector that could produce illegal weapons.

There are other countries, like North Korea, that may also have ownership of WMD, but Iraq was chosen as a primary target because it had exposed itself as more of a current threat that needed to be sorted out immediately. Hussein had proven himself to be an unjust and untrustworthy ruthless tyrant; in many cases torturing and killing his own people. The Guardian newspaper published an nterview of eight Iraqi defectors in Dec. They gave detailed accounts of such abuses as rape, torturing of children in front of their parents, electric shock, mutilation of body parts, burning with acid, and starvation.

In some cases Hussein even used the repulsive war tactic of human shields. His aggression against neighboring countries of Iran and Kuwait had lead to the death of over 1.

Other abhorrent actions include the gassing of thousands of Kurds of northern Iraq in , which is more evidence of possessing banned chemical weapons. Other totalitarian nations might have shown need for concern, but over and over Iraq has shown reasons for the necessity of an intervention.

Hussein had revealed himself as a terrorist supporter. Who is to say he has hanged his ways? He has pushed his unethical practices since the first taking of his leadership rank to the day he was found hiding in a hole.

The sentiment and psyche of the people do not remain same, even after the war has ended. With the loss of those close to them, and seeing the devastation and downfall of immediate family, relatives and their neighborhood, the scars left by war only become deeper with time. Any war has political stimuli, be it oppression, apartheid, fall of power or a terrorism issue.

Throughout history, politics has played a major role in any war, and you should discuss this in your particular essay on war. You can focus and examine how political interest instigated and fuelled the fire to create an environment for war. You should appropriately analyze the political motives, the sentiments of the people and the descriptive details How we can help If you do not have the time, resources or simply the interest to complete your war essay, you can outsource the job to HQEssays.

However, if you were assigned to write a Civil War essay, you may consider one or some of the following topics as war essay prompts: How did the Civil War change the lives of women? Did it have a differing impact on women depending on whether they were in the union or the confederacy?

How was the Civil War influenced by railroads? How was the Civil War influenced by cotton trade? Nationalism was a great force in the 19th century.

What was the national idea of the South? World War I Essay Prompts Many historians remark that the First World War clearly marked the beginning of the 20th century because of the fact that so much changed after this point. This is an excellent prompt to consider for an essay on war. A good point to discuss is how these changes connected with the previous century? Why did the war of became known as the Great War? When the First World War started it was greeted with enormous enthusiasm in some quarters, and triggered a recruitment boom in many European countries.

How can this enthusiasm be explained? For several decades before World War One there was no war in Europe. How did this influence the war? Construct your war essay around an argument for or against. If no, how can the German military success during be explained? If yes, discuss what were his faults. What was the influence of German-Soviet treaty of on the course of war?

How can we distinguish between collaboration and resistance in occupied countries? What was the policy towards Jews before the war? Vietnam War Essay Prompts The Vietnam War provides the writer with a lot of options to discuss when constructing a war essay.

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